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there are 1000 reasons to celebrate

As many of you know, I created a facebook group named 'Living For SQL Server' couple of months back.

SQL Server community started making use of the group since day one by asking questions and sharing their blog posts and learnings.

and in few weeks i realized that this facebook group has been growing faster and has gone viral.

now I am happy to see that our facebook group has crossed 1000 members mark today.

miles to go to reach my dream number, 1 million SQL Server professionals.

still majority of SQL Server professionals are not aware of community contributions by experts (blogs/events etc.) around the world. this has to be improved.

some of my top priorities:

1. attract new SQL Server professionals to know all community activities and events

2. encourage bloggers to share their work in my fb group

3. share knowledge thru some fun ways

Resuming my MCM preparation and started spending more time for learning.

If you have not joined in our facebook group, here is the link for you to join



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