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The Plame Saga...


Living in the D.C metro area it is difficult to avoid politics, 

policies and policy-makers. After 9/11 it became well nigh

impossible  to do so. The Afghan war after the Osama-Taliban link

was almost  inevitable and  most people (including world

opinion) favoured the U.S. Not so with  the Iraq war. Right from

the beginning, there was a deep dichotomy between those who were "for"

and those "against". This time it was an unilateral decision and

inspite of the U.N and weapons inspectors' opposition, America decided

to "go it alone". As is usually the case when something of this

magnitude and divisiveness takes place, deeper friendships were forged

between people who shared the same views and all others became bitter



 Most of my friends were (& continue to remain) opposed to the

Iraq war  - both on the counts of "war and killing has never

resolved anything" and "there was no evidence except for Saddam's evil

persona" to  justify such an action. When the Plame story broke

out a couple of  years ago, we were horrified to find (almost)

proof-positive that the "leak" was only a red herring to  detract

from the real facts - which were - that a handful of people in 

the top administrative level were collectively responsible for the

war  and the ensuing losses and tragedies both on the home-front

and in  Iraq. EVEN IF this assumption is

incorrect, it is still  appalling to know that a CIA operative was

"outed" by people from the  "same side"!!!


It was several months after that that I discovered that the woman

I  had been on nodding terms with for a few months was none other

than  the wife of "Scooter" Libby. Once over the initial shock of

this, we continued to exchange  pleasantries, usually related to

the latest books we'd read. During  this time I read Libby's "The

Apprentice" and I was extremely  impressed with his literary

style. Scooter is also one of the most  unassuming people that

I've ever met - always very polite and  courteous - always

addressing a person by his/her name - & overall  just a

thoroughly likeable individual.

 The whole of this week leading upto the indictment today has

been  fraught with tension - it is so difficult to believe that

behind the  facade of "Mr. Nice Guy" is a powerful person who was

foremost in not just directing the decision to go to war but also

someone who deliberately twisted facts to sway public opinion.


I've been able to focus on little else but the News today. I keep

wondering what he and his family are going to do now that he has 

resigned. I wonder about his children - what must it be like for them

to know and grow up with the fact that their father was indicted! What

do they face in school - for children can be cruel - do the other kids

taunt them, call them names - are there children in the school who've

lost a parent or relative in the war and if so, what is their reaction

to Libby's children ?! Do schools have policies where the sins of the

fathers ARE visited upon the children ?!


As for my personal opinion - I have become schizophrenic today. Scooter

Libby is the only (in ??)famous person that I have ever been 

(very) briefly acquainted with - and my heart goes out to him and his

family on a personal level because I cannot imagine what it must be

like today in their house. On the other hand, when I think of how this

whole war might've very possibly been masterminded by a few top

executives and how Libby is one of them, I feel sick to the

stomach!  It'll be a long time before I can equate both sides of

his personality as attributes of the same person!!!!!