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The Fisherman and the 'C' (City)


 The Fisherman and the "C" ("City") 

Ok, I know when most think about NYC, they think latte-sipping wall-street yuppie (I'm actually none of those, but still a city boy.  I peel back my pride a

bit to share this with - the whole world?)

So, here's my weekend blog, nothing about SQL, just a quick tale of the NYC DBA and his son off on a little fishing expedition, b/c of unfilled promises by

his jet-setting P/T Grandfather.

My son, a smart and handsome 7-year old boy hearing endless tales of his grandfather's expert fishing skills and conquests, had yet to take him fishing

once.(Think he has a whale hanging in his living room ;-),  Now that my boy has come of age, he really, really wanted to go. I was a hapless fishing person

from the big city, with some scarce memories of fishing.  OK, I went a couple of times with a cheap pole and a dream.  While I consider myself an SME in SQL, I thought that I'd easier teach the fish to be a DBA, than actually catch one!

I so hoped that Mr. Expert Fisherman would come through and take his only grandson and pass on the skills that I myself did not possess. I too was interested in learning something that I did not in my childhood.

Well, summer is almost over, and not a sign of a grandfather's visit. The last time he showed up, was in June, ironically, on Father's day to, as my

sharp-witted son said, to "pick up his present for the year".  Oh, he'll probably be back in November - that's his birthday.

Anyway, not wanting to break his little heart, we finally went to the fish and tackle shop, to get some equipment.  "Dad, ask them how to set up the pole" 

When my son learns about pride, he'll know why I didn't.  I was determined to do this thing myself!

It's not that it's hard to setup the pole, but I have a thing with wire and hooks.  My wife, the endless critic, couldn't help herself laughing everytime I

got my line tangled. So, after a couple of hours of untangling wire and hits and misses, and a few practice throws in the living room (I think I caught

something that was for dinner last week - ugh :-), we set off for the bay to get ourselves some fish.  I'm glad at least I didn't hook my finger.

We set ourselves by the edge of the bay, fishing pole set up, floats, bait, sinkers and all, with my kid's red-bucket, anxiously anticipating a big catch.
I tried to lower his expectations, and I think he enjoyed the entire experience whatever might happen.

After some time, seeing the line being tugged, I began reeling it in, but all we got was a half a bait fish - seems the sucker nibbled up and got away before he was hooked.  I think the fish are from Brooklyn.  Now, time after time, I was reeling and rocking, casting the line into the water only like an expert can.  I even learned how to position the bale.  Anyway, other fisherman began to setup their spot right next to ours.  What, not enough fish around?  This time it was personal, I was going to get my fish before these show-offs!

Well, it's pretty late now, and my son is fast asleep.  Must have been exhausted from hours in the fresh air.

Oh, ok, we didn't get anything this time (neither did those other fisherman) - they just weren't biting today, so it was said.  But, we will next time, and at least I won't get tangled anymore.

If anything, I was glad for the experience, and the valuable time that I spent with my son. I know he appreciated it. We both learned a lot!

Also, thank G-d for YouTube - you can learn anything there!  Thanks for reading........

I'll be back this week with more exciting stuff on fishing - er, I mean SQL Server.  Stay tuned....


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