The Art of the Outstanding DBA

John Sansom, 2011-01-25

Being average is dull. Are we consistently producing quality that we can be proud of, each and every time? So why settle and deliver ok results when we can deliver outstanding results!

Funnily enough being exceptional at what you do is not easy. If it were we’d all be doing it right? It takes time, planning and consistent effort to raise your game and to continue raising it.

Every single one of us has the potential to be outstanding. It won’t happen overnight and the chances are that we won’t know ourselves when we’ve arrived. Those around us will know though, that’s for sure but from our own view of things, we’re just one step further forward on a continuing journey.

You see being outstanding is about art and becoming an Outstanding DBA is as much about attitude as it is about skill.  There’s no fixed definition of what is to be an Outstanding DBA, as I’m sure you’ve seen yourself. When you think of outstanding Data Professionals that you know, it’s often not their technical skill that makes them outstanding but something else, something more. I’ve tried to talk about this elusive something before and how it can be difficult to measure or quantify but then how do you measure art?

That’s something I hope I never truly come to know and I wish the same for you too.

Don’t be average when you can be outstanding!





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