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TechEd 2007 tracks announced


The Microsoft TechEd tracks have been released early here:

Sneak Peak at the 2007 Tracks

For those who are interested in attending TechEd this coming year, it will be held in Orlando, Florida again. Microsoft had previously planned on holding it in New Orleans but apparently, in Microsoft's opinion, there were issues with flights in and out of the city. The explanation given is on the TechEd home page:

Microsoft has made the difficult decision not to hold Tech·Ed 2007 in New

Orleans. With this event drawing a large number of attendees from around the

world and with the airlines only servicing the city with about half of their

pre-Katrina flights, the logistics of moving that large a group into and out of

the city is challenging and would likely result in travel and logistical

challenges for attendees.

I hope I'll be able to go back to TechEd again in the new year. I learned a lot, met up with Brian Knight, and was able to see a Kimberly Tripp presentation in person. A few years back my old manager had gone to one of her presentations and recommended that if I ever got the shot, that I should do so, too. Unfortunately, my flight was too early to catch Brian's on Friday morning, which was on clustering a SQL Server in 60 minutes.

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