Task Factory: Compression Task


Task Factory is a software product created by Pragmatic Works. It provides many custom SSIS components which help developers creating SSIS packages become more efficient. And as we all know, when we are more efficient, we are more productive. In this nugget, I’m going to show you how to use the Compression Task to zip and unzip a file.

Here are the key features and details from PragmaticWorks.com about this task:

Compresses or decompresses a file or directory. Many companies struggle with transmitting files larger than 1 GB. Our Compression Task will compress files within SSIS by up to 90%, allowing greater speed and less network space.

  • Used to compress and decompress files and directories
  • Supports the use of Zip, Bz2, and GZip compression algorithms
  • Supports creating a self-extracting EXE
  • Supports password protected zip files
  • Easy to use User Interface

Check out this quick video to find out more.

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