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T-SQL Tuesday #62 - Invitation to HealthySQL


TSQL Tuesday 62

Greetings ALL and Happy New Year 2015!  I wish everyone an excellent year ahead, and

that 2015 will bring peace and new beginnings! 

I have the distinguished pleasure of kicking off the New Year, with this

month’s T-SQL Tuesday #62!   My fuzzy

logic vaguely remembered I had signed up in way advance for this awesome task,

when Adam Machanic (b|t) came swooping down the chimney with

a holiday reminder that yours truly, Robert Pearl (b|t) is on deck to host January’s T-SQL

Tuesday.   I already had a topic in mind,

when I confirmed that I am ready to roll, and excited to host the first T-SQL

Tuesday of 2015.

Last year’s blog party ended with a bang, T-SQL

Tuesday #61 (see the wrap-up by clicking the hyperlink), hosted by my

compadre Wayne Sheffield (b|t), was about the Season of Giving

and giving back to the community.  In the

spirit of the New Year, let’s make our first T-SQL Resolution to maintain a

Healthy SQL environment.  One of the most

common New Year’s resolution (and often broken before February 😉 is to stay healthy

and fit.  So, let’s resolve to maintain

our SQL Fitness, and keep our SQL Servers healthy and humming by ensuring they

are tuned, performing optimally, and up to date with all its latest

optimizations and service packs.

Healthy SQL

So, let’s get this blog party started, and kick off our

international Healthy SQL campaign. Let’s spread the word to anyone and

everyone managing a SQL Server Database infrastructure of the necessity to

perform regular health checks on each SQL Server and repeat often.  The purpose here is to get database

professionals, to ensure that all their SQL Servers are healthy, and can pass a

health check. It also means that you can prove this (to heaven forbid,

auditors), and back it up with documentation. 

If you want to excel in your career as a data professional

or DBA, then you need to be concerned about your companies’ SQLFitness.  Therefore, I am inviting all of you, to blog

about your T-SQL Resolution, and describe what it is that you will do this year

to make sure your SQL Servers are healthy and fit.  Now, it’s ok to ponder Healthy SQL in the

abstract, but we’re looking for some technical tips on things a DBA should do

to keep your SQL Servers performing well. 

It could be something as simple as implementing a new

monitoring software or script, updating all your SQL Servers to the latest

version or service pack, setting up maintenance and optimization jobs, HA/DR,

creating a performance baseline, capturing performance stats, (ie: DMV

automation scripts, or MDW), a checklist ,etc. 

Sky is the limit, as long as you can contribute something to the

SQLCommunity that can be used in the effort to ensure SQL Fitness

The year is new, the possibilities are endless, but for the

record here, the rules are the same.  You

are all cordially invited to this month’s T-SQL Tuesday number 62, a week from now,

Tuesday, January 13, 2015, as long as you are following these three (3) T-SQL

Tuesday tenets:


Your T-SQL Tuesday post needs to go live between

00:00 GMT Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 and 00:00 GMT Wednesday,

January 14th, 2015.  


Your blog post needs to contain the T-SQL

Tuesday logo image on this post, and it should link back to this post.


Use trackbacks or post a comment to this post

with a URL link to your post.


** An optional but preferred step, please tweet

about your post using the #TSQL2sday



Finally, if you would like to get on the

list and sign up to host a blog party of your own go ahead and ping Adam

Machanic with your favorite topic!


Remember to always maintain a Healthy SQL

Server environment, and look for more on the HealthySQL campaign!  See you all soon!

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