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T-SQL Tuesday #008 Roundup: Gettin' Schooled


T-SQL Tuesday #008: Gettin' Schooled

Welcome to another exciting episode of T-SQL Tuesday. I’m Robert L Davis (blog|@SQLSoldier), and I’m not just your host for T-SQL Tuesday this month, I'm also a client .. err, I mean I'm also a participant. Thanks again to Adam Machanic (blog|@AdamMachanic) for giving me this opportunity to host!! Our topic for this month was Gettin’ Schooled. This month’s topic was about learning and teaching.

Here's a roundup of the posts that participated in this month's T-SQL Tuesday.

T-SQL Tuesday Roundup

Pinal Dave (@pinaldave): SQL SERVER – How do I Learn and How do I Teach 
          ...talked about how he teaches and how he learns

Rob Farley (@rob_farley): Leaving your comfort zone and standing in front of an audience
          ...discussed being a trainer vs being a consultant

Mike Walsh (@mike_walsh): T-SQL Tuesday – Captains Mentor and Teach
          ...talked about the continuum of learning and teaching

Ken Simmons (@kensimmons): T-SQL Tuesday: Viva la Learning
          ...talked about connecting, sharing, and learning

Nicholas Cain (@anonythemouse): T-SQL Tuesday #008 - Gettin My Learnin On
          ...talked about learning by doing. Nicholas was 1 of only 2 bloggers that took up the challenge of including lyrics from a Lady Gaga (@LadyGaga) song in the post

Jeremy Carter: TSQL Tuesday – How I learn and how I teach 
          ...talked about how he teaches and how he learns

Gethyn Ellis (@SQLGre): TSQL2sday #008 – Gettin’ Schooled 
          ...talked about how he learns

Jim McLeod: How I Learn – T-SQL Tuesday #008 
          ...talked about how he teaches and how he learns

Jes Borlund (@grrl_geek): T-SQL Tuesday #008 – Gettin’ Schooled 
          ...talked about how she teaches and how she learns

Bob Pusateri (@SQLBob): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Gettin' Schooled 
          ...talked about how he teaches and how he learns

John Sansom (@JohnSansom): Jump Start Your SQL Server Learning Today (T-SQL Tuesday) 
          ...talked about how he learns

Andy Lohn (@sqlquill):T-SQL Tuesday #008: Learning to KISS
          ...talked about learning to keep it simple (KISS), a leson he learned from his football coach Coach Raarup. Was 1 of 2 bloggers that took up the challenge of including lyrics from a Lady Gaga (@LadyGaga) song in the post

Cameron Mergel (@cameronmergel): Lifetime of Learning
          ...talked about spending a lifetime of learning and how he is currently study for certification test #70-431

Paul Randal (@PaulRandal): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Top ten mistakes to make when attending a class
          ...talked about how to not be a good student in class. I was a little taken aback by item #4 when I saw it: 4. Don't take notes. At first I thought he was going to say that good students don't take notes. I was happy to see that he was saying that not taking notes is a bad habit. I learn best by taking notes while listening, and during the MCM, I filled 3 notepads full of notes

Ted Krueger (@onpnt): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Gettin' Schooled "Pushing others into learning and teaching" 
          ...talked about how we in the IT industry learn and how continue to learn by teaching others

John Racer (@speedracer): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Gettin’ Schooled 
          ...talked about how he teaches and how he learns

Jason Brimhall (@sqlrnnr): Gettin’ Skewled 
          ...talked about how he teaches and how he learns

Eric Humphrey (@lotsahelp): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Educating New Hires 
          ...talked about educating new hires

Matt Velic (@mvelic): July’s T-SQL Tuesday: Learning and Teaching 
          ...talked about how he teaches and how he learns. This was first time taking part in T-SQL Tuesday

Paul Vick (@panopticoncntrl): T-SQL Tuesday #8: Learning and Teaching 
          ...talked about how he teaches and how he learns

Robert L Davis (@SQLSoldier): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Tips for Giving a Good Interview for the New DBA 
          ...talked about teaching new DBA's and shared my tips I gave a new DBA going on his first tech interview on how to give a good interview

Allen White (@SQLRunr): T-SQL Tuesday #008:Teach a little, Learn a lot 
          ...talked about how a consultant also has the opportunity to be a teacher

Kendra Little (@Kendra_Little): Learning that Presenting is Worth Doing (T-SQL Tuesday #008: Gettin’ Schooled) 
          ...talked about how she has recently learned that presenting is a rewarding experience

Steve Jones (@way0utwest): T-SQL Tuesday #008 - Learning 
          ...talked about how learning itslef is a skill you need to learn

Aaron Nelson (@SQLvariant): Controlled Failure is the Key to Learning More 
          ...talked about how being prepared for failure is key to learning effectively

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand): T-SQL Tuesday #008: How Learning Has Changed
          ...talked about the evolution of learning

Jonathan Kehayias (@SQLSarg): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Turning Civilians into Soldiers 
          ...talked about how he teaches civilians and turns them into soldiers

Gabriel Villa (@extofer): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Gettin' Schooled
         ...talked about learning throughout the phases of his career. He is currently learning about BI

Jorge Segarra (@SQLChicken): T-SQL Tuesday #008: Gettin’ Schooled 
          ...talked about his philosophy of learning (learning to fish) and his philosophy on teaching (the golden rule) and how he is learning everything he can

Michael J Swart (@mjswart): Learning Objectives vs. SQL Server 
          ...gave a great breakdown of learning in separate categories