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T-SQL Tuesday #007: Summertime in the SQL


Invitation for T-SQL Tuesday #007

New hotness

Welcome back to the blog party known as T-SQL Tuesday. I’m honored to be hosting this month and since its Summer I’ve decided to talk about hotness…feature hotness. In the last few months we’ve had the release of SQL Server 2008 R2 which brought along with it a slew of new features. So this T-SQL Tuesday I ask: What’s your favorite hot new feature in the R2 (I’ll be nice and include 2008 in general) release? Got some code that takes advantage of a new feature? Post it! Got an example of how PowerPivot let you slice and dice data you simply couldn’t before due to contraints? Show us! Make sure to apply your SPF 1433 and get to writing.

Cabana Rules

This whole party started when Adam Machanic (Blog | Twitter) decided to start this awesome blogger party where one topic is chosen by the monthly host, everyone submits their posts, and those posts are then rounded up. Catch is these posts must all go up within the same 24 hour period. Here’s a list of the parties held so far:

  • #001 Adam Machanic asked for your favorite Date/Time tricks
  • #002 Adam followed up by asking for your favorite Puzzling Situations
  • #003 Rob Farley made the commitment with his topic: Relationships
  • #004 Mike Walsh kicked asked for your input on IO
  • #005 Aaron Nelson asked us to report on “Reporting
  • #006 Michael Coles wanted to know All About BLOB
  • So write up your post and make sure to link back to this post for your entry to count.

    To participate your post must go live between 00:00:00 GMT on Tuesday the 8th of June and 00:00:00 GMT on Wednesday the 9th.

    Don’t Run on the Pool Deck

    Here are the posted rules for this shindig:


    1. Your post must go live between 00:00:00 GMT on Tuesday the 8h of June and 00:00:00 GMT on Wednesday the 9th. If your post doesn’t go live in the time limits, it won’t be included in the round-up post.
    2. Your post must link back to this post (by trackback or comment).
    3. “T-SQL Tuesday #007″ MUST be in the title of the post.
    4. The above rule has been CHANGED! The new rule is that the title of the participating post no longer has to reference T-SQL Tuesday (although it’s still recommended). The post still has to link back to the hosting blog, but the link needs to be anchored from the NEW LOGO (found above), which must appear at the top of the post.
    5. It is your responsibility to verify the trackback or comment appears here on this post. If you don’t see your trackback add your own comment with a link back to your T-SQL Tuesday post and it will be included in the roundup.
    6. Don’t feed Gremlins after midnight
    Lifeguard on Twitter Duty

    A lot of the T-SQL Tuesday bloggers and bloggees are on Twitter. Follow the hashtag #TSQL2sDay and when your post goes live, tweet a link to it with that tag.


    You too can host this event! Just have participated in at least two previous #TSQL2sDay and let Adam Machanic know you wish to host. That’s it!


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