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SSMS Tips and Tricks – ALTernative Highlighting


This isn’t exactly the best thing since bread (or even sliced bread for that matter), but I figured I’d share this as I haven’t seen it written about in many places and I find it quite handy on a regular basis.  If you hold down the ALT key in SSMS when you’re selecting text you can draw a box around any text that you want to highlight.


This is quite handy in a lot of places.   I use it most often for code formatting, as I like things like blocks of variable declarations or table columns to line up all the way down.  For example:

Format1     Format2

Or for Copy/Pasting just a section of a line:

CP1   cp2

And of course in that same vein, deleting a box:

del1   del2

Lots you can do with it to save some keystrokes and make things a bit quicker.