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SSIS Webinar in 3 days... 6 seats left


Our first SSIS 1h Free webinar will take place in 3 days (Thursday) and has only 6 seats left (out of 25)

This webinar covers America and Europe (evening) time and the same webinar will take place on Saturday 23rd of February (Asia, Australia and Europe Time).

Who is it for? Anyone who is it comfortable using SSIS Transformations and would like to learn more.

Webinar title: SSIS Transformation Pitfalls.


Lookup Transformation - Case sensitive or case insensitive and why it matters.

Sort and Match - We have SQL Server and Windows and that causes issues when it comes to SSIS. We will give several examples.

Conditional Split - True and False but what about NULL? and ELSE?

SLOW, SLOW, SLOW - Blocking, semi-blocking and non-blocking transformations. Is blocking component really a problem?

SSIS is memory based - Will show you how to detect if disk is used instead of memory and how your package can fail if you do not have permissions to write to disk.

Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation - Good idea but Microsoft blew it! In here I will show alternative approaches.

Thinking of attending?

Eventbrite - SSIS Transformation Pitfalls

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Katie and Emil