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SSC bought out by Red Gate... Now what?


One of the highlights of my weekday mornings is reading the editorial by

Steve Jones of  However, this past Tuesday's newsletter

was particularly newsworthy: Steve announced the sale of the

site to Red Gate software, a UK-based manufacturer of SQL Server tools.

Though the timing came as a surprise, I have to say that the sale did not. 

The three founders of this community had recently opened a new training facility

in Florida which seems to be doing very well.  Further, there had been a noticable

shift toward revenue generation on the site during the past few months, and I wondered

if SSC was being primed for a sale.

I am a longtime member of SSC, and I have much respect for the founders of this

community.  I was relieved to read that Steve Jones will continue on as editor

of the site, including the publication of his daily editorial as usual.  The

company line at Red Gate is that the site will continue as usual, with Steve having

control over the content.

As much affection as I have for this site, I will confess a great deal of skepticism

over the future of SSC after the sale.  I am suspicious of the motives of any

software company in Red Gate's position who would buy what is arguably the most

active SQL Server community site at the same time that they announce an initiative

to greatly increase company revenue.  Further, a visit to,

another venue owned by Red Gate, reveals that community to be very loyal to only

Red Gate tools.

I'm not a naysayer or a pessimist; I believe it is possible for SSC to continue

to be the great site it has always been.  This community is my favorite site

on the 'Net, and I sincerely hope that it continues to be business as usual there. 

Only time will tell.


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