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SQLSaturday Krakow #824


Demo time – last preps!

SQL Saturday started on Friday with three preconfs. Kevin Boles, Tomasz Cieplak, Tomasz Libera & Grzegorz Stolecki did a great job there!
There were almost 50 people attending on workshops.

Dominika attended in the Tomasz Cieplak pre-conf about PYSPARK. By the way, she has representing the team from the beginning of this great event!

We had a chance to make a lecture ón Saturday. We think there were over 280 people on this event! We had a lot of fun making our session with a lot of plot twists, jokes, besides that our topic was tough. Dominika has opened our lecture and has been making demos. Damian was speaking and presenting the diffrent flavours of transactions. For those who were not there we could only say – the session was not typical. We have used a lot of … lipsticks!!!

What happend in the morning? We started the conference day with attending in the keynote given by Kevin Boles. The topic was “Common TSQL Mistakes”. Kevin did really good job having a full room of attendees.

Kevin Boles

Then we practice a lot for our session. We wanted to make it funny and easy to understand becasue transactions aren’t an easy topic in general. We have prepared a lot of demos.

Demo time….

Our lecture went smoothly and people were enjoying our job. If you want to watch the opening of the session (which was mostly spoken by Dominika), you can do it on our facebook page.

But there were a lot of other great sessions! And you know what – we will have some surprise for you in the comming days! Stay tuned!

Uwe Ricken

SQL Saturday was a great opportunity to meet long time friends! Tomek Libera organized two dinners and a tript to the salt mine in Wieliczka.

In Wieliczka, 145m below the surface of the Earth! (everything is made of salt there)

We hope the next conference, which will be SQLDay in Wroclaw, will be a great opportunity to meet friends again and have a lot of fun there!

Congratulations to the organizers, thanks to the attendees!


the CF Team!


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