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SQLPSX Release


We’ve released a minor update to SQLPSX which includes includes several bug fixes/enhancements as well as one new module. Here’s an excerpt from the release notes:

Added MySQLLib Module

Mike Shepard created a MySQL module for querying MySQL databases. This is similar in concept to the adolib and OracleClient modules.

Modified adolib Module

  • Changed SQLBulkCopy to use System.Data.Common classes rather than SQLClient-specific classes for platform interoperability
  • Fixed issue in new-sqlcommand

Modified OracleClient Module

Added OracleBulkCopy which allows you to bulk load data into Oracle

Modified SQLServer Module

Added FileListOnly to Invoke-SqlRestore function

Modified PBM Module

Fixed issue in PBM module when writing to Windows Event log

Modified SSIS Module

Added ProtectionLevel parameter.  The package protection level can now be changed/specified as part of the copy process


My thanks to

  • Bernd Kriszio (blog|twitter) for his OracleClient enhancements as well as feedback on adoblib
  • Mike Shepard for adding functionality and maintaining his adolib as well as branching out SQLPSX to include basic query support for MySQL.
  • Eric Humphrey (blog|twitter) for contributing a patch to the SSIS module which adds support for specifying the package protection level during copy processes.


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