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SQLOS Basics - Chennai User Group Meet - Presentation File Download

Chennai SQL Server User Group (CSSUG) meet is happening tomorrow (15-Dec-2012) in Microsoft Training Centre, Chennai.

You can download presenation and demo scripts here

Tomorrow,  I am going take 2 hour session on SQLOS Basics (Skill level 200-300).

Topics to be covered:

SQL Server Architecture
SQLOS  - Basics
SQLOS – Responsibilities
    SMP vs. NUMA
    Preemptive vs. Non Preemptive Scheduling
    Requests – Tasks – Workers – Threads - Schedulers
    32 bit vs. 64 bit Architecture, /3GB, PAE, AWE, LPM
SQLOS & Memory

Here are some top reliable SQLOS related resources.
For technical accuracy, I have used the contents from below resources and mentioned the source almost in all slides.

Source, Reference & Countesy:

Bob Ward - PASS 2012  - Inside SQLOS 2012 Presentation (SMP/NUMA, SQLOS basics, journey, Scheduler etc)
Wrox Book: SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting (CPU, Memory, SQLOS Memory Manager)
MS Press Book : SQL Server 2008 Internals (SQLOS responsibilities) (Memory Architecture and Memory related DMVs)

Slava Oks (SQLOS Memory Manager) (Windows Memory Internals)

Thanks again. Will catch you in my next blog post !!!