#SQLCareer 3/4 August 6th 2018


Last month Steve Jones (b/t) suggested that it might be helpful if those of us that work in the IT/database field shared four random days out of our lives. This is one of them.

The first two are:


Before work

Not much of a before work today. It was a work from home day again and I’d had a busy weekend so I was pretty tired and slept in this morning. I got up at 7:45 and wandered over to my work computer. It was even logged in from some work I’d done Sunday.


I only had to check the overnight emails this morning (~10) since I’d cleared the rest yesterday.


We had a production issue this morning and I volunteered to work on it. Simply enough, we’d missed permissions on an AG secondary. Specifically the permissions in the system databases (msdb and master) and then the dbmail settings. The permissions were easy enough to copy over, dbmail took a bit longer.

Morning Meeting

While working on that problem we had our weekly on-call meeting. I wasn’t on call so I didn’t have much to say. We also typically discuss any major issues from the week and just generally visit/team build for a few minutes.


After the meeting ended, but before I could finish the production incident (fortunately pretty minor, a single downed report) I was pulled in by a colleague to help a vendor run some performance scripts for one of our more important applications. Given time zones they were heading home and I wasn’t too far into my day so it made perfect sense.


The performance scripts are running, the first test on that production issue is running so I decide to grab some lunch. Working from home makes that pretty easy and while I put my lunch together I did some dishes and checked on the kids.

Cleaning up some existing work

After lunch, I collected the information from those scripts and finished fixing the production issue. And while doing this I realized my email wasn’t connecting. Which of course caused both issues to take far longer than they should have.

Afternoon Meeting

Before I could start working on my email (I really felt like I needed to reboot my computer) I had another meeting. This one was an upgrade meeting for one of our larger (and by this I mean several databases that are multi-terabyte) applications.

Fixing my email

Finally, I rebooted my machine, connected and reconnected and basically fought with my email for 30 minutes. Then I finally called our tech support line. 30 more minutes and it was finally fixed.

Integrity Education

My company has what I consider a great policy where everyone has to take courses on integrity, compliance, etc once a quarter. I got my new one today, and since I had just enough time to get it done I decided to knock it out.


Last but not least I enter my time for the day and leave my desk.