SQLBif Gets A Job – SQLCommunity Redeemed…

Robert Pearl, 2012-06-26

 Back in May, I had a conversation with a sql friend in the community, and well, my friend (who I named SQLBif) was very dismayed with the amount of time spent on SQL Server Community, and expressed frustration that with all this community engagement, event hopping, networking and more, SQLBif was without a job.  In my blog, When SQL Community Disappoints, which was a popular post, I captured SQLBif’s mood at the time:

“It’s been tough.  I’ve been so close to calling it quits with SQL Server.  If this latest opportunity doesn’t work out….well, that’s it.  I’ve spent so much time on ‘community’ while I can’t even find a decent DB job…..its ridiculous”

Well, those who know me, it was quite coincidental that I was between projects, and looking for a major engagement at the time, and so I, keeping the faith in the SQLCommunity, was affected by SQLBif’s attitude and completely understood the frustration.  I figured, many of us in the SQLCommunity have been there at some point, maybe even multiple times, in their career, I would blog on the topic, to let everyone in such a situation that they are not alone.  Some thought that I may be the mysterious SQLBif I wrote about, but I swear on my MVP (which means the world to me) that this is not the case.  In fact, it was someone whom I worked with and kept in touch with regularly.  And, also someone I encouraged to get more involved, and engage more in the community.  I even nominated SQLBif (last year) for the Exceptional DBA awards because I felt SQLBif is a talented and up and coming SQL professional.  (By the way, this year’s Exceptional DBA Awards is ending, so click the link if you’re interested in nominating someone πŸ™‚

I kept the identity of SQLBif secret and confidential, even the gender, which many folks tried to discern through the text and grammar of my aforementioned blog.  I wanted to maintain confidentiality, because I didn’t want to further exacerbate the situation, and know SQLBif was feeling down – so why expose the identity at that time.

No matter who SQLBif really is (originally) – and you may finally figure out who it is as you read the rest of this blog entry – SQLBif really is a symbol of all the folks who end up, by circumstances or no fault of their own, in a rut, that we always question the validity of what we do and believe in.  We ask ourselves if we are doing the right thing, and whether the efforts we put in will pay off.  I ask myself this all the time.  However, I never feel disappointed in sharing with the SQLCommunity, nor helping those learn and network with each other, and even assisting them getting a job or project. That part of me does indeed have satisfaction when someone else benefits from my experience and knowledge sharing. 

As of this writing, I am happy to report – SQLBif landed a job – AND, to boot, SQLBif did it through a connection in the SQLCommunity!  The power of SQLCommunity has been redeemed, and faith restored! GO SQLfamily! 

Reflections of a reborn SQLBif, were captured in SQLBif’s online proclamation:

“If you feel stuck in your career, and feel that there’s little way out, do give the community a try. It’s not a magic, overnight fix, but the possibilities can and do happen; you just have to be patient, giving, and caring enough to allow for the opportunities to blossom.That’s why with this announcement, I’m also re-doubling my efforts to give back to the community.”

Way to go!  I am proud of you!  I wish you congratulations, and the best of luck in your new role.  I look forward to seeing you around the SQLCommunity Circuit sometime soon.

So, SQLBif will live in infamy, or will be immortalized in the annals of #sqlfamily history πŸ™‚  While the individual who inspired SQLBif will be gainfully employed, I will continue to write on the adventures of SQLBif the tragic SQL Community Superhero in future writings.  Hey, never know, maybe we’ll make a comic strip out out of it πŸ˜‰

(SQLBif is copyright, idea, and pending trademark of Robert Pearl and Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc. The use of SQLBif’s likeness and similarity may not be used without the sole express permission of Robert Pearl and his band or merry men who I designate as the Hall of SQLSuperheros…:-)

To be continued……



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