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SQL Server Non Clustered Index Tutorial for Beginners


In the past I have come across comments like SQL Server is slow (small tables) or interviews where someone had a great idea to scale up (better hardware) without realizing it is not going to help much.... and there was one common element... None of these people knew (or fully understood) what indexes are... but I understand them it takes some time and effort to learn about it.

After the interview I wrote SQL Server Performance Tuning 0verview which explains it on a very abstract level (high level) but I also realize that this concept might not be that easy to grasp when it actually comes to building indexes and there are a few great books on this subject however some people with less experience might find them too advanced so I decided to create a few videos that are more suitable for Junior people and those new to this concept and below is the first series that cover basics of Non Clustered Indexing. Which you can also find in our new YouTube Playlist called SQL Server Performance Tuning and Query Optimization

Video 1: Non Clustered Index Basics

Video 2: B-tree

Video 3: Execution Plan and Time Statitics

Video 4: Included Columns

Video 5: Filtered Index

There is much more to indexes that our first 5 videos but it might a good starting point and we hope to add more soon.

p.s. We fixed comments link (I think)What is your experience and opinion about it? The same, different or maybe depends?

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