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SQL Server Keyboard Shortcuts


SQL Server Keyboard Shortcuts for Management Studio

SQL Server Management Studio is filled with lots of optional settings that lets you maximize your development experience.  There are a few helpful settings and shortcut keys that will help you get the most out of the tool while working on database activities.  Some of these have changed in SQL Server 2014.  I will be providing the new shortcuts below:

  • Display Estimated Execution Plan – CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+L
  • Output Results in Text Format – CTRL+T
  • Output Results in Grid Format – CTRL+SHIFT+D
  • Output Results to a file – CTRL+SHIFT+T
  • Cancel the Executing Query – ALT+BREAK
  • Go To Line – CTRL+G
  • Copy the result grid and headers to the Clipboard – CTRL+SHIFT+C

Management Studio has 3 stored procedures setup for keyboard shortcuts.  These are

  • Run sp_help – ALT+F1
  • Run sp_who – CTRL+1
  • Run sp_lock – CTRL+2

In addition you can add other stored procedures to CTRL+3 through CTRL+0.  To add a stored procedure to one of these shortcuts open Tools>Options>Keyboard>Query Shortcuts.

There are many other options within Management Studio that you can explore here – MSDN.


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