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SQL Server 2016 NYC Launch Event - Tickets Running Out!


In a previous blog, I spoke about the upcoming RTM Launch of SQL Server 2016 - Get Ready! Microsoft is ready to rock-and-roll and rtm its highly anticipated SQL Server 2016 data platform in 1-week!
Strategically and lucky stars aligned planning, June 2, 2016 will be the NYC Big Apple Launch Event for SQL Server 2016!  In fact, we had the June 2 date reserved, and then June 1 is RTM - can't get much better than that! 

So what are you waiting for?  If you're in the NYC area, join us for breakast, lunch and launch at Microsoft's Metro HQ 11 Times Square, NY, NY for a fabulous day of exploration on the next version of the data evolution known as SQL Server 2016 - Everything Built In.  Some of our local MVPs and PFEs have stepped up and will speaking at the exclusive New York City pow-wow event, to bring you the latest of what's new in the SQL Server 2016 Product Stack.  We can't cover everything, but this will definitely give you much to ponder, and plan about upgrading and migrating to the vNext of SQL Server.  Mr. Simon Facer, Microsoft PFE, and myself, through the generosity of PASS and Microsoft has allowed us to bring this feature fabulous lineup of presentations and demos, to get you thinking about getting off those "other" versions of SQL.  Now is the time to upgrade, and you will find out reasons for upgrade, as well as learn about new features of the Core Engine, BI, Azure integration, and more!  In addition, you will get some super SWAG, provided by PASS/Microsoft, as well as Apress, the publisher of my book HealthySQL.- we are giving away some copies, as well as related goodies.

For SQL Server NYC Launch Event Updates, follow us on twitter, using the hashtag #SQL2016NYC, and of course, follow me @Pearlknows, for updates as well.

So without further adieu, we present to you the agenda and lineup of the show, and welcome, in no partcular order, Kevin S. Goff, Robert Davis, Thomas Grohser, Divyesh Sah, and yours truly, Robert Pearl, to the speaker lineup:

Kevin S Goff, SQL Server MVP.
Scenarios for SQL Server 2016 In-Memory Technologies
SQL Server 2016 represents the third generation of in-memory technologies for scaling OLTP, data warehouse, and analytic database applications.  Microsoft has definitely "knocked the ball out of the park" in this third generation of enhancements.

Robert Davis, SQL Server MVP.
New Paradigm for Performance Tuning in SQL Server 2016
SQL Server 2016 is introducing some new tools for analyzing and troubleshooting queries that is going to change the way we do performance tuning. It's not just new tools, it's a whole new paradigm.

Robert Pearl, SQL Server MVP.
SQL Server 2016 – Reasons to Upgrade.
What are the benefits and ROI of upgrading? Now is the time to get off the previous versions of SQL, and catapult your business into the Cloud and latest innovation of data evolution.

Thomas Grohser, SQL Server MVP.
Top SQL 2016 Features for an even better SLA
The always increasing dependency on data calls for better SLA’s SQL Server 2016 offers many new features that allow much better SLA’s.

Divyesh Sah, Microsoft Technical Solutions Professional
Leverage the scale of cloud with SQL Server 2016.
Learn about the new innovative features in SQL Server 2016 which allow you to leverage the hyperscale of the public cloud Azure.

Microsoft Offices - 11 Times Square, New York, NY 10036- View Map



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