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SQL Server 2016 NYC Launch Event - Slide Decks Posted!


Quick post-event follow-up of our very successful SQL Server 2016 NYC Launch Event! We would like to thank ALL our attendees for coming, and hope you are now thinking about upgrading, migrating, and deploying SQL Server 2016 at your company!  My presentation "Why Upgrade SQL Server" certainly should have given you several reasons to upgrade to SQL Server 2016, technical, business-wise, and professionally to do so.  Of course, I discussed The Top Ten Features, as 10 reasons in itself to make the leap, Microsoft SQL Server lifecycle, provided a Pre-Upgrade & Post-Upgrade Checklis, and more!

Simon Facer, local Microsoft PFE, kicked off the event with his introduction, talking about SQL Server 2016 innovation and the "World's Data", as well as the evolution of data, living in a connected world of data.

MVP, Thomas Grohser, followed up with Top SQL 2016 Features for an even better SLA, which was a total technical treat that drilled down into the features with some helpful code tidbits.

Kevin S. Goff, MVP, discussed Scenarios for SQL Server 2016 In-Memory Technologies, and kept the audience glued to their seats, taking a deep-dive into this fabulous foray of SQL 2016.  We really appreciate Kevin, doubling up on his session, as one of our planned speakers, couldn't make it, and filling in with great demos and discussions!

Finally, we covered the big push to the cloud, with advances and integration with Azure, with Microsoft Technology Solutions Professional, Divyesh Sah and his excellent presentation SQL Server 2016 and Leveraging the scale of cloud with Azure.

In addition, we gave out SWAG, Amazon Gift Cards, HealthySQL buttons, and even gave away a few of my HealthySQL books!  Because, hey, once you upgrade, make sure you perform a new health check, to ensure that SQL 2016 is performing optimally, and better than before!

So, as Microsoft wants us all to know this extraordinary release and evolution in data platform, SQL Server 2016, is not just another relational database system, it has Advanced Analytics (R), BI, DW, In-memory features, End-to-End Security, Complete mobile BI, High availability, and Cloud Integration, all built-in!  The new mantra "SQL Server 2016 - EVERYTHING BUILT-IN! (except the kitchen sink :-).

To get access to ALL the SQL Server 2016 NYC Slide Decks, click on the link for access.

Tha'ts all for now!  One more juicy tidbit, SQLSaturday 2017 planning has begun.  More on Reasons To Upgrade to SQL 2016 coming soon to this blog.