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SQL Server – Hide system objects in Object Explorer – SQL Server Management Studio


By default, SQL Server system objects are listed in Object Explorer in Management Studio. These system objects include system database, system tables/views/procedures and so on.

SQL Server Management Studio provides an option to hide these objects from Object Explorer to prevent *accidental* use.

To enable this option follow below steps.

Step1: Go to Tools > Options


Step2: Navigate to Environment > Startup


Step3: Check Hide system objects in Object Explorer and click OK:


Step4: An confirmation message will be displayed saying that changes will take effect after Management Studio is restarted, click on OK to continue:



Once you restart SQL Server Management Studio, you will notice that system objects are no longer listed in Object Explorer:


As you can see from above screenshot that System databases node is no longer available in Object Explorer.

What is hidden by this setting:

1. System databases – This is not hidden for SQL Server 2012

2. System Stored Procedures

3. System Tables

4. System Views


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