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SQL Saturday Southampton Pre-con


SQLSAT467_SPEAKINGIt’s been a while since my last pre-con, in fact it’s been a while since my last SQL Saturday with both of these events happening in Exeter a few months back. At that time I did a joint pre-con with Mark Pryce-Maher called Performance Troubleshooting for the (Accidental) DBA which we shall undoubtedly do again at some point.

This time I am joining up with my friend and colleague at SQL Sentry John Martin aka @SQLServerMonkey where we will be presenting a joint pre-con on 4th December 2015 at SQL Saturday Southampton entitled “Being a DBA – A day in the life.”

If you’re a details kind of person then here’s the abstract:

Being a DBA, you are responsible for helping to protect the most important asset that a business has, it’s data. In this pre-conference session we will look at some of the mainstream tasks that you as a DBA will encounter and need to successfully deal with in order to maintain a fully functional and efficient SQL Server Environment.

These include;

– Setup and Configuration

– Maintenance, Backup, and Recovery

– Monitoring, Baselines, and Performance

– Security and Administration

This session is primarily aimed at junior to intermediate level DBA’s, however even an experienced DBA will learn new techniques for dealing with some of today’s most demanding data challenges.


Between us we have years of experience managing and maintaining environments which has been supplemented by both of us having had consultancy roles where we saw even more “strangeness”. John at Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer and myself with roles at Quest Software and Dell.

You can register for this full day session here:

John Q Martin & Richard Douglas – Being a DBA – A day in the life.


If this doesn’t sound quite like you’re thing, then why not take a look at:


They say the best things in life are free, unfortunately these sessions aren’t. There is however an early bird discount until 1st November at the shockingly low price of £150.

On top of that I also have a discount code that you can use. Simply enter SQLSentry467 and you will be entitled to 20% off any pre-con at SQL Saturday Southampton.

As a side note, John and I are not receiving a penny of any monies paid. We’re doing this to ensure that we can help subsidise the free event on Saturday 5th December.

If you know of anybody who may be interested please do pass the information along as it will not only help their career, but also those who can then attend the free Saturday sessions.

You can register for your free place for the usual SQL Saturday goodness here –


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