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SQL Saturday Cambridge #228 September 27-28th September


Snazzy title eh, I bet you can’t guess what this post is about. That’s right, it’s all about Monty Python!

A lot of the Monty Python crew met in Cambridge and were a part of the Cambridge University Footlights so it seems somewhat fitting that this SQL Saturday should be a bit pythonesque.

We’ve dispensed with all the stuffy old room names and gone for something a bit more inventive (yes, I know I could have said completely different):

  • Dead Parrot
  • Ministry of funny walks
  • SPAM
  • The meaning of life
  • ….and now for something completely different
  • Just a slither

There were over 120 sessions submitted for just 34 slots so many hours of deliberation were spent by the committee and myself trying to pick a great balanced program for you. We think we’ve done a good job, you can have a look at the agenda for the event here.

Of course SQL Saturday is not just about the Saturday, oh no no no. On Friday 27th September there are also a number of great pre-cons that you can attend.

These include:

  • Implementing SharePoint for SQL Professionals by Seb Matthews
  • Microsoft Big Data for the Business Intelligence Professional by Allan Mitchell and Jen Stirrup
  • SQL Server Workshop for Developers by Leonard Lobel
  • Buck Woody’s Exam Cram (Learning to Learn) by Buck Woody

I’m especially excited about Buck Woody coming over and have booked a place on his pre-con. Further details and prices of all these pre-cons can be found here.


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Of course all this would not be possible without the time and dedication of the committee of volunteers.


It isn’t too late to register, you can register for the pre-conferences here (fees apply) or the free to attend Saturday event here. The event is almost full, so if you are reading this and realise that you can no longer make it then please go to the site and cancel your registration so that somebody else can attend.

I hope to see a number of you there, where I will be on the Dell booth and also presenting my session “Natural Born Killers, performance issues to avoid”.

It promises to be a great event.



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