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SQL Saturday 67 Chicago Pre-con Double Down


Yes, this looks familiar. Didn’t I write this last week? Well it’s new and the same. We have another pre-con available on the Friday, 3/25, before SQL Saturday 67.

Here is the link to register,

The presenter is Kevin Kline, MVP, SQL Server expert, author, keynote presenter, Sql cruiser, former PASS President, etc.

This presentation will be held at the Quest office in Warrenville, IL.

Here is the detailed information on the pre-con session:

Cost: $99 (til March 11th), $119

Location Quest, 4320 Winfield Rd # 500 Warrenville, IL 60555-4036

Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Presenter : Author, expert  and Microsoft MVP Kevin Kline                         (

This full day seminar will teach you introductory, intermediate and advanced techniques for troubleshooting and performance tuning using SQL Server’s built-in Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), Performance Monitor, Profiler, Wait Stats, and Extended Events.  In troubleshooting, you’ll learn how to detect, diagnose, and resolve problems on SQL Server using the native tools, as well as how to determine where SQL Server is experiencing bottlenecks that prevent it from achieving optimal performance. Bring your laptop with SQL Server 2008 R2 and AdventureWorks R2 to work through the labs as Kevin demonstrates various techniques.  (SQL Server 2005 is also allowable, but you will not be able to demo those that are specific to SQL Server 2008 R2).

Topics covered include:

-          The “Rocks, Gravel, Sand” Troubleshooting Methodology

o   Understanding Wait Stats

o   Using beginner, intermediate, and advanced DMVs

o   Correlating Performance Monitor and Profiler

o   Extended Events

-          Determining meaningful key performance indicators thru benchmarking

-          Catch problems before your users do thru monitoring

-          Preventative Maintenance Best Practices

Seminar includes lunch and refreshments.

Attendees will receive troubleshooting scripts, posters detailing important DMVs and PerfMon counters, session video recordings on DVD, and a free signed copy of Kevin’s book Database Benchmarking.

SQL Saturday #67, filled with many free sessions and events, will be held the next day.  For more info and to register for SQL Saturday, please visit the event website: