SQL Saturday #48, Come One, Come All


SQL Saturday #48 - Columbia, SC, is a little over 7 weeks away (October 2, 2010), so we're picking up the publicity side of things.

Get Your Speaking Start

Thus far we've received 44 submitted sessions from a multitude of folks, including quite a few SQL Server MVPs and Microsoft employees. However, SQL Saturday isn't just about the big names presenting. If you can make it with a SQL Server-related presentation you're dying to give, this is a good place to break in. I had done a few user groups, but my first opportunity to speak in a non-Air Force role to a larger audience was at a previous SQL Saturday, SQL Saturday #3 - Jacksonville, FL, back in 2008. It was a great learning experience and also an opportunity for me and the family to see a bit of that part of Florida. We loved it!

Announcing a SharePoint Track

We've had some interest in having a SharePoint track and we are now formally soliciting presentations for SharePoint. They do not have to be geared towards SQL Server. There are enough folks in and around our region that use SharePoint heavily. As a result, we want to make sure that we provide a training and networking outlet for those who are on the SharePoint side of things.

Considering a .NET Track

A core group of folks that put on the Columbia Code Camp back in January are putting on the SQL Saturday come October. The Columbia Code Camp stood out for having two dedicated SQL Server tracks. They didn't have to be .NET related. We're looking to service our community as best we can. While our focus for SQL Saturday will be on SQL Server, if we have enough .NET related presentations submitted, we'll see about opening a track for .NET as well.


We are looking for volunteers to help out with the details that go along with putting on a great event. The more volunteers, the better. If we have enough volunteers, with the exception of key folks, each volunteer would only have to work an hour or so and then be free to attend the sessions. Some volunteer slots (registration before the sessions start and serving during lunch) means you can hit all the sessions you can get to. I've volunteered at conferences big and small and each time I've come away having met new folks and gained something out of the experience.


If you're a sponsor-type and you're reading this, we can certainly use more sponsors. We've reached out to a few we know well, but we might not know that you're interested. Our goal to produce a top-notch event that people will want to come back to. We're not looking to do just the one SQL Saturday. We're looking to do it annually in order to serve our community, and sponsors are a big part of sustaining a successful conference from year-to-year. I learned this lesson well having worked of five different Air Force Information Technology Conferences. So we're looking for active involvement from our sponsors, not only to help fund the event, but at the event at well, in traditional SQL Saturday ways. If this has piqued your interest, send me an email at kbriankelley {at} acm {dot} org requesting a sponsorship package and I'll be glad to send one your way.