SQL Pass Voting forum


So far I have seen lots of blogs about SQLPASS regarding the Slate for this years BoD. I do not want to add anymore to it since it has been covered from all angles quite well by others in the community. My issue is that we are not using the Pass Election forum the best way possible. I would like to highlight some of the things that does not look right for me.

1. Not many response to questions asked.

There are some interesting questions asked by the community. I do not see that many replies to the questions there. I would love to see more interaction between the candidates and the community.

2. If possible, respond to the thread. Not in your personnel blog.

We, the community have to jump from one blog to another to find out what the candidate thinks about the issue that were raised by the community. There is no interaction. That makes the thread die before it even started.

3. Time taken for a response to a thread or follow up

I know you are all busy. Everyone must be running around in circles to get everything ready for the summit or what ever else you are doing. But please make time to respond to questions asked by the community. We would like to know where you stand on certain issues before we make up our mind about the candidates.

4. Could we have all the candidates respond to all questions posted please?

Every question raised is important. There are some threads that have 8 or 9 replies. But there are some that have 2 to 3 responses. Does that mean that the candidate that has not responded does not have a stance? Or does that mean that the question raised is not worth replying? For example, there is a very interesting question raised by matt Cherwin. A simple question "What is Pass?" but a very important one. So far, two replies. That somehow does not seem right to me.

Like I said, you are all busy but please do take time to respond. The community needs to know. Also keep in mind that we the community are also busy.