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Transaction log Information gathering


Here are the different ways to know the tlog file related information sys.dm_db_log_stats –...

What's New in SQL 2019? at BRSSUG


Thanks to everyone who joined the BRSSUG for a night all about SQL Server...

Data Lake Architecture using Delta Lake, Databricks and ADLS Gen2 Part 3


This is the third post in a series about modern Data Lake Architecture where...

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Identity column as Primary Key - good or bad?

By edwardwill

I'm building a web app to maintain some data, which is mostly flat but...

Need of database

By desdev

In order to structure and layout 50GB of data which includes pdf files, videos,...

list to table, versus delimitedsplit8k

By ben.brugman

Dear reader The list to table is build around a while loop, one item...

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