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All about PASS Summit 2019


Here are the things you must/should probably know about PASS Summit 2019, as told...

Database Fundamentals #22: Using the Join Operator, CROSS JOIN


While the CROSS JOIN is not used much, and, depending on the size of...

Automate Your SQL Notebooks with Two New Options


There are two new options for automating your SQL Notebooks with your SQL Servers....

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DMV query which pulls memory usage per session

By vsamantha35

Hi All, Does anyone has a query which tells me how much memory is...

What value need to be set for MAXDOP ?

By vsamantha35

Hi All, Need some advice on setting the parallelism settings. What value to be...

Article revision, now published, did not replace original: both show as live

By Solomon Rutzky

The original article is here: I made revisions to this in what I...

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