Bert Wagner

SQL Server Execution Plan Operators

Watch this week’s Execution Plan Operators episode on YouTube. SQL Server Execution Plan Operators When examining a query’s execution plan, certain operators tend to crop up over and over...

2019-08-26 (first published: )

184 reads

Execution Plans: Statistics

Watch this week’s Statistics video on YouTube. Last week we looked at what execution plans are and how you can view them. This week I want to discuss what data...

2019-08-12 (first published: )

516 reads

SELECT Expression Execution Order

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube! Today I want to share with you an interesting observation I made about SELECT expression execution order. I was working on writing a...

2019-07-23 (first published: )

747 reads

Multiple Identity Inserts

Watch this week’s video on YouTube. This week I want to share something that surprised me about using SQL Server’s SET IDENTITY_INSERT statement. I started with two tables with...

2019-07-10 (first published: )

353 reads

Trailing Spaces in SQL Server

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube. A long time ago I built an application that captured user input. One feature of the application was to compare the user’s input...

2019-07-03 (first published: )

486 reads

Joker’s Wild

This past weekend I had a blast presenting Joker’s Wild with Erin Stellato (blog|twitter), Andy Mallon (blog|twitter), and Drew Furgiuele (blog|twitter). Watch it here! Table of contents: What is...

2019-06-25 (first published: )

428 reads


Query Performance Tuning with Filtered Statistics


Introduction I recently got a call from our DBA telling me that the CPU...

Performance Tuning Steps Query by looking an execution plan and effectiveness of the index Part 2


How to read execution plan to improve poorly... [[ This is a content summary only....

VSCode Tips–Remove the Highlighted Line


VSCode was making me crazy as I was writing a script. I like a...

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