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Azure SQL Database – Maxdop Updated

About 1.5 years I wrote about MAXDOP setting within Azure SQL DB, more specifically the fact that the default setting being 0. ( Now, you should be aware that...


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Azure SQL Training

I thought being an Azure Data/Database blogger I would share some amazing content from Microsoft, an Azure SQL Fundamentals learning path. Following this training you will “Learn how to...


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Azure SQL Database SLA

Can you improve on the baseline (service level agreement) SLA of 99.99 % for Azure SQL Database? How can you get 99.995% as shown below, from official Microsoft documentation?...


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SQL Server Stretch DB to Azure

Since SQL Server 2016 we could leverage Microsoft Azure to dynamically move “cold” portions of data away from on-premises storage for longer retention time periods. Whilst in theory being...


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Azure Data Engineer Associate

You can read about all the new role based qualifications from Microsoft here – Today I want to talk about the Azure Data Engineer one from my experience...


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Your First Databricks Notebook


On August 4, 2020, I presented this on the weekly Pragmatic Works webinar series....

SQL Clone Works with FILESTREAM


SQL Clone is an amazing product that virtualizes your data, allowing multiple instances to...

Fun and profit with UTF-8


When SQL Server 2019 was announced, it brought with it UTF-8 support. Also available...

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Removing TDE from a Database: Level 4 Stairway to TDE

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

Comments posted to this topic are about the item Removing TDE from a Database:...

SQL Deadlock


I have Simple SP to Insert Single Record from Application. When I executes it...

Connecting and working with SQL server in SSMS without WMI is extremely slow.

By SystemlordAnubis

Hi All, I have a slightly weird situation; on one PC that is domain...

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