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Some of my goals for 2019


In late December 2018 I had a discussion with Amanda Martin the PASS Community Manager around things that I would be doing in 2019.  I thought I would share the questions we discussed, and my replies below.

What are your professional goals for 2019?

My professional goals for 2019 are based around what SQL Server 2019 will bring to the Data Platform.  I am looking forward specifically to the changes around SQL Server on Linux – specifically the Red Hat Enterprise Linux based images.

See my blog post where I run up the Ubuntu images on CentOS:

Setting up CentOS to run docker for SQL Server

I have clients who are heavily into containers and this has driven me to start promoting this within the community – to help others learn about what containerized SQL Server is all about.

Is there a technology you want to learn or master?

As mentioned above SQL Server 2019 is going to be a great release in terms of what it can offer people to extend their data platform.

This in itself will be a technology that I will be mastering in 2019 and I look forward to be able to back-fill that knowledge to our community.

A technology I am looking forward to learn and master in 2019 is Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

The reason for this is I have presented on how powerful the Azure platform can be. I am also educating my clients and community around containers so this is a great partnership of both technologies.

In 2018 an area that I have been working in a fair bit has been Availability Groups and the fact that SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.2 allows for running an AG on docker with Kubernetes is exciting.

Using containers as part of a DevOps deployment pipeline for databases and applications is an area that will grow and being at the forefront of that is a driver for me in 2019.

Do you have a skill you want to upgrade?

I speak on continuous improvement – around deploying quality value every time you release software.

A skill I want to “upgrade” is my speaking skills, I want to spend time honing my speaking craft. I want to continually improve how I deliver content to the community and industry.

Being able to deliver quality content that helps people learn is fundamental to why I get up in front of crowds and talk about how to #MakeStuffGo

In terms of technological skills I want to upgrade – I always want to be a better Data Professional and so this year will be spent reading blog posts, registering for some of the fantastic (and free!!) webinars that PASS run.

Our Data Platform is growing exponentially and so a fair chunk of my free time will be spent ensuring that the skills I have within it are relevant, current and transferable.

What are your PASS community goals for 2019?

My PASS community goals for 2019 are to be more involved. To extend my reach and influence within the community. I live in New Zealand which is quite a remote country – which is a good thing and sometimes a bad thing when it comes to travelling (anywhere).

I want to be able to reach the wider community and part of this will be where I do more webcasts as opposed to writing. Being able to run webinars is a great way to connect and share content with a fair wider and diverse audience.

Are you already involved with a PASS Local or Virtual Group? If so, do you want to get more involved in these speaking, organizing and coordination opportunities?

I am already a PASS Local User Group Leader in Christchurch, New Zealand. I run the SQL Server and Data Management User Group which has grown from 250 members to 745 members in 3 years under my leadership.

I have recently been involved in the  “rebooted” DevOps Virtual Group with Rob Sewell (t | w) which has been a fantastic platform for us to get the DevOps message out to the world via the PASS VG platform. Rob is a very energetic guy and I think it’s gonna be brilliant working with a guy who is as bouncy as myself!!

It means that at least twice a month I am speaking, organizing and coordinating educational content to up-skill people – for free. That in itself is awesome and thanks PASS for all the support you give us UG/VG leaders.

Do you want to share more ideas and content with the PASS community through blogging or publishing video content?

I certainly do – 2018 has been a proving ground year for me. Over the past 3 years being involved with PASS I’ve grown my contributions within the community and the reason I’ve grown it is that it is rewarding to see the impact of what we all can do. 2019 I will be looking at how I can do more with web based sessions – so that a more diverse group of people can learn from both myself and others.

Collaboration is a key thing in how I work and also in my personal life and I am looking forward to seeing how I can work with others to increase our “touch points” within the industry to help people connect, learn and share.

I am also looking to collaborate with some people on writing a book to help people learn via another medium.

Do you want to get involved with or plan a SQLSaturday for your local PASS community?

I already organize a SQLSaturday – SQLSaturday South Island. This event has grown each year since I took it over in 2016 and it now boasts Australasia’s largest % of WIT speakers.

I want to further this and a goal for 2019 is to be a more inclusive and diverse community based event.

This is an exciting goal as I have never been one to stray away from goals or from encouraging people to be part of a community.

I am looking forward to collaborating with a whole range of people within both my local and extended network.

So there you have it – 4 days into the New Year and I’m excited about where 2019 will lead me – both from a technological, personal and community perspective.

A mention has to go to PASS as if it weren’t for the platform they provide then I wouldn’t be able to use such things as the Learning Center

to learn about containers and SQL Server….

…or attend heaps of SQLSaturdays around the world to learn for free (and to give back to the community by speaking)…..

…. or attend PASS Summit year in Seattle to both learn things and share my own knowledge.

So if you’re reading this and have not joined the PASS Community  then register here:

it’s free!! And will help you set and achieve some professional, technical and community goals you may set yourself for 2019.



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