Simple And Amusing Question Of The Day

Andy Warren, 2014-04-11

I was working on a script today to check the range of some values and trying to take the time to handle edge cases, even though I don’t expect them (edge cases!) and ran across something I knew but hadn’t thought about. Good fodder for a question, but not a complicated question, at least if it’s asked clearly enough and I wanted to try a simple, one point question. That mean a fun title (that might even be a hint), all the obvious possibilities for answers plus a couple more just in case. Dress is up with a movie reference (you’ll have to wait) and a song reference in the answer that will stick in your head and it is (or should be) a fun question. Even a fun question can teach something though, and this question is designed to get you to ask why, to think about why something is the way it is. It’s trivia, but useful trivia. I’m writing it expecting close to 100% of people get it right. I’m also deliberately mixing it up, I’ve posted some hard questions and for anyone seeing my name, they may be looking for more to the question than there is!

Questions are half the value – a good explanation is the rest. For this one a single link proves the answer and I didn’t explain the wrong answers. In part because I think it’s obvious, in part to see if anyone misses that detail enough to mention it. If anything I’m expecting complaints for making it too easy. We’ll see.

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