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As discussed in my previous blog the new architecture of Service Application in 2010. Today I am here with the discussion with:

1) How different things holds together in Service Application?

2) What are the different aspects which combined and provide with the end to end functionality

It is a series of end to end structure which is needed to provide the exact flavors’.

Web Application==>Service Application Group==>Service Application Connection==>Service Application==>Service Application Service.

Web applications get associate with service application groups, It is the role of service application connection to connect the service application with the service application group. Service application uses the service application services to perform it operations.
Which application service needs database is already provided in Last Blog .

Service Application Groups

Service application group help to you to associate a web application with no of service application. Web applications uses the service application group. It can be engaged with the web application while creating it. When we create a web application, we have the option to select either the default group with a set of predefined services or we can use a custom group for that web application. while using a custom group we have the liberty to choose services as per our requirement while in default group it has a set of predefined services . using a custom group in a web application doesn’t mean that “ whenever we create a web application and use custom group we can get all service application which were chosen in earlier web application. It is an instance and every time we choose custom group we have to choose service for that”.. We can also add the services in a default group.

This is the main thing to understand from the previous MOSS2007. With using custom group we can use services which we require either it can be 1 or 10. We are not bounded to use all the services as a combined package as SSP.

Below is the screen which you can find when you create a web application.

When we create any service application we have the option to add that service in default list or not by using the below check box.

Service application Connection

Service application connection connect the service application with the service application group. It is the connection through which a web application can use a service application after the service group get associate with. But how we can find a service connection.

If a web application need any info on managed data, it will call managed data services but where it reside?. You can open IIS . under that there is website name SharePoint web services . If we expand this site we will see there are no of list . These are the services with their connection. You can check the advance setting of any one and find the location of it files and name of the connection.

Service application

Service application is part of main concern. It is responsible for providing the service . Some service application requires database to render it content and some service application are just web based for providing information.

Ex: Excel service application just require to a service and not database. While search require both search service and database to render it content.
Which application service needs database is already provided in Last BLog.

Service Application Service

It is the last part of this architecture but the inherent part of service application. You can check the services in:

Central admin==>Application Management==>Manage services on server. 

Whenever any request is made these services are responsible. Every service application will have a service associated with it.

Hope I was able to describe the content correctly based on my knowledge and learning.

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