Sarasota IT Pro Camp


Join system administrators IT professionals and database professionals in addition to managers at all levels who work with Microsoft technologies for the Sarasota IT Pro Camp on Saturday, February 18th, 2012.

IT Pro Camps are focused on serving the needs of  IT Pro’s (Windows system administrators). IT Pro’s haven’t had many events like our developer counterpart’s code camps and this is why I’m excited to be a part of IT Pro Camp. There’s a definite need for events which serve the IT Pro community. We’ve done Tampa, South Florida, Orlando and in two weeks we’ll add Sarasota to our growing list of cities. We’re also planning on Jacksonville, Pensacola and for the second year we’ll be returning to Tampa and South Florida. We hope to have dates for the remainder of 2012 finalized by the end of March. I’ll be sure to post an update once we work out scheduling and venues.

The Sarasota IT Pro Camp will feature 24 one-hour sessions on topics covering Powershell, BI, SQL Server, Cloud, Active Directory, System Center and Data Security. I’ll be presenting on Storing Powershell Output. Although there are many good sessions to choose from, I’d like to highlight a few sessions which peaked my interest:

We”ll have three sessions, on a topic we haven’t had at previous camps, Data Security.

Adam Malone – Cyber Crime and the FBI

Joseph Schorr – Rule 1: Cardio

Jeff Wolach - Introduction to Next Generation Firewalls

I think this this is one of the interesting things about having IT Pro Camps in different cities, there tends to be a strong technical community around particular disciplines and for Sarasota I’d say its Data Security.

Jose Chinchilla  (blog|twitter) is doing a two-part session on Business Intelligence.

Jose Chinchilla - Introduction to Microsoft Business Intelligence

Jose Chinchilla - Taking Business Intelligence to the next level with SharePoint 2010!

This is a good opportunity for attendees to get both an introduction and more advanced overview on business intelligence. Two-part series are kind of unique to community events and you tend not to see a two-part series at paid conferences.

Be sure to register to attend the free Sarasota IT Pro Camp event. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please tell your colleagues about IT Pro Camps. I look forward to seeing you there!

–Chad Miller