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Restoring Toggle Results Window as Ctrl+R in SSMS


Recent versions of SQL Server Management Studio have unmapped Control+R as the toggle for the Results window in a typical query window. Each time I work on a new SSMS environment or refresh my laptop, I find myself seeking out how to restore this setting.

Here's how, including a picture below.

  1. In SSMS, go to Tools, Options.
  2. Under Environment, click on Keyboard.
  3. In the Show Commands containing box, you're looking for "Window.ShowResultsPane".
  4. Change the "Use new shortcut in" dropdown to "SQL Query Editor." 
  • Note: This step is important - mapping Ctrl+R to "Global" won't work.
  • Click in the "Press shortcut keys" field and hit Ctrl+R on your keyboard. Click the Assign button.
  • Click OK.
  • In your query windows, you can now Ctrl+R to toggle the results window all you like.
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