Renaming a local windows login after SQL Server Computer Name Change


I had an interesting issue last week. I had to rename non-domain (Workgroup) SQL Server Virtual Machine in Azure. The server was running the Database Engine, Reporting Services and Integration Services

I actually run through a blog post I wrote the best of 8 years ago titled Renaming a Standalone Instance of SQL Server and used the sp_dropserver sp_addserver scripts mentioned in that post. It all worked fine.

I also run through this article which looks specifically SSRS -Rename a Report Server Computer  

Again all worked fine. 

Everything was good except in the Security logins folder of the SQL Server instance.  I had logins listed as OldServerName\Windows_login. 

The machine/VM was not on a domain, so the logins were local windows accounts. I wanted them to show the new server name. I looked up how I can rename login a BOL and ALTER LOGIN allowed me to rename the Windows Logins.

I run the following script for each of the Windows Logins that needed renaming with the old server name reference and they were update correctly. 

ALTER LOGIN "OldServerName\Windows_Login"
WITH NAME="NewServerName\Windows_Login"

I thought I'd write a short post, as I spent about 20 minutes working out how to do this...Its not something I have to do very regularly.