Psst! Wanna some API?


If you have already visited SQL Code Guard's website you might notice a reference to an "API for custom tool development". Pretty cool sounding, isn’t it? SQL Code Guard can not only find issues as a standalone tool, but also exposes its capabilities to be used in your own solutions!

So let's start coding! Hold on a minute... There is no help and no documentation to be found - how can I begin to write anything without any basic guidance?

Fortunately a small project has now been provided, "SQLCodeGuardIntegrationSample". Well, it’s not so small, it is a "lite" standalone version of SQL Code Guard, developed in the form of an application, rather than an SSMS addin.

Yes, I remember some time ago I said that "it was too difficult to support SCG as a standalone application",but time has passed and I have since revised my opinion.

Moreover, I was asked by a number of users to supply a small example of how to use SQL Code Guard’s API.

As you know - it is very hard to know when to stop improving your application. And before I knew it, I had an entire application instead of the small demo project that I had planned.

You can download SQLCodeGuardIntegrationSample via this download link

Please post any questions to the SQL Code Guard discussion forum