Presentation slides and sql scripts up


I have posted the slides for the presentation I gave to the DotNet Columbia User Group.

The talk was called, "Something old, something new, something borrowed,

something blue." Everything for the presentation is there in the notes,

with the exception of the clip I showed from the BlueHat briefings (Something Blue).

As a result, I've also expanded the Truth Solutions site to include an

area for presentations. I'm hoping to do more of them as time goes on.

Presentations at

For those who have used MySQL and are familiar with the world sample database, I have included in the SQL scripts a

build script which takes the world sample database and builds it for

SQL Server. The data in it is copyright Statistics Finland, It's a good database which can show the power of an index, which I did in the presentation.

The breakdown of the talk was:

  • Something old: How to get an execution plan using QA, SSMS,

    and Profiler. The impact using an index can make on performance. 

    How to think using set-based operations, including with respect to


  • Something new: CTEs for

    recursion/hierarchical structures and EXECUTE AS to get around the

    dynamic SQL issue in stored procedures under SQL Server 2000.

  • Something borrowed: A very brief intro to the CLR in SQL

    Server. Basically the Microsoft boilerplate.

  • Something blue: An excerpt from the BlueHat videos that was on Channel 9.

    It is a reminder of just how powerful relational database systems can

    be and how that works both for and against us. The excerpt is the one

    of the security PMs for WinFS (while it was still alive) discussing

    what he had seen.

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