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Pesky Protected Mode


How many of you keep falling for this one…You open up Report Manager for a user that you know you have given access to view reports. Only to see this annoying error! It is basically stating that the user BIGMAC has not been given the appropriate permissions to browse to that object. In this case it is the Home directory.


Figure 1: No Permissions For BIGMAC

No permissions 


So, you go back to report manager as an admin and can see plain as day that BIGMAC is a browser for the folder that you were navigating to. Well, the problem (not really a problem per se) is really just the default setting within Internet Explorer. At least it is with IE 8!


Figure 2: Internet Security – Protected Mode Setting



A fix or resolution that I have used is to this is to have the user DISABLE (remove) the checkmark that is highlighted above for Enable Protected Mode. Restart IE and have the user try again. They should see the folder in which they have access to. As a note, I have never had any problems with doing this, but you may want to research what the “Enable Protected Mode” actually does or doesn’t do! I’m not an IE security guy, so I can’t get too deep on IE Security. Even if I were, the I’m sure the next release of IE will have a completely different security model to figure out! J


Until next time, “keep your ear to the grindstone” – Good Will Hunting


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