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In case you hadn't noticed, PASS has a number of virtual chapters. Many of the virtual chapters broadcast LiveMeetings about once a month on topics related to their special interest. This is just one more way that PASS supports the amazing SQL Server community with free technical content from the best SQL Server professionals in the world. 

Each month, I interview someone in the SQL Server community for the Professional Development chapter . So, it would be easy for me to just interview all of my friends, and I have interviewed some of them. But, I also often just think of a topic and ask PASS HQ to recommend someone who fits the bill. For example, I wanted to interview someone who had just set up a PASS chapter and was introduced to Nigel Sammy who started up a chapter in Trididad and Tobago. Or, I might want to interview someone who has just  attained a major accomplishment like the PASSion Award or Microsoft Certified Master status.

A couple of months ago, I decided to try to intervew Bill Gates. Since I work for Microsoft now, I thought, what is the worst thing that could happen if I sent him a message?  I suppose he could have told my manager to fire me.  Well, the worst thing didn't happen, but I still didn't get the interview. Here is Bill's reply:

I am sorry I won't be able to do this.


I have a lot of foundation focus now and so I pick a very few Microsoft things to do.


Good luck with your work on this.

So, while I didn't get the intervew, it was really cool to get a reply from him.

Be sure to check out the latest intervew. This time I selected Scott Shaw who presented at the KC SQL Saturday last fall and is speaking at SQL Rally in May.  I chose Scott because I thought he is a great example of how to become more involved in the SQL Server community. He is writing articles, speaking, and the two of us are collaborating on a book project.  Yes, Scott is a friend, but I think you can learn a lot from the journey he has taken. 


Aunt Kathi