PASS Election Questions Answered

, 2015-09-16

As we continue through the campaign period for this year’s PASS Board of Directors Election (Voting opens tomorrow morning), I want to continue to show our community members the type of board member I would be by asking myself some questions.  You can find my first questions post here.  I also want our members to know that this is the type of transparency you can expect from me.  I’ll blog about everything I can and solicit your feedback.

Here are the other posts in the series.


Question 1

How will you influence progress in the portfolio you are given?


I am a very organized and goal driven person. I will influence progress through close relationships with PASS HQ and making sure we have a plan with documented steps that we can apply to an agreed upon timeline.

Question 2

If what you want to do and the budget you have is not enough, what will you do?


I will start looking for alternatives that would be more cost effective. If it is something beneficial to multiple portfolios I would look to share the cost for a mutual benefit. If it is something that might be beneficial to other organizations I would look to see if a partnership might be established. I will also look into what can be done in the current year budget to increase funds for the following year.

Question 3

If you don’t get any support from any board member for something you are passionate about, what will you do?


Sometimes we can let our passion get the best of us and it causes us to be blind to the bigger picture.  This is something that I am very aware of working in such a large corporation for so many years.  That experience has allowed me to identify those situations, step back, and evaluate it again.

You have to ask yourself what it is that everyone else sees that you do not. Discussions with individual board members to understand their thinking would be needed to reconcile my passion with the true needs of the community.  The needs of the community will always be my focus.

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