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PASS DBA Virtual Chapter Webcast 20141112


logo_pass_vcToday I have the honour of presenting a session for the PASS Database Administration Virtual Chapter. The great thing about the PASS Virtual Chapters are that they are completely free, you just need to be a member of PASS in order to register. That’s right, free SQL Server training and if you miss it, don’t worry they’re (usually) recorded. Yup that does mean there is a massive back catalogue of things that you can go and watch to fix that production problem or that project you are working on right now.

Not a member of PASS or unsure what it offers you?

Check out this link about becoming a member that explains all. It’s free, there’s no catches, so no reason not to join. Unless of course you’re not interested in SQL Server in which case you really shouldn’t be on this site. Seriously, go away!

This session

The session itself starts at 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT, that’s 2PM EST

Registrations are being held via GoToWebinar here.  The title and abstract are below:

Wait Watchers – No pain, all gain exercises to increase database performance

We’re all told to watch our weight and to exercise more. Join Dell Software expert, Richard Douglas, who will show you painless exercises that you can do to watch your waits. You could even eat a Danish pastry while watching if you wish (Danish pastries not provided) ?

If you are interested in any of the presentations that I am doing, then you can find out more about them on my presentations page. I’ve also started sharing some of my slide decks on Slideshare.

Other Virtual Chapters

There are a number of other PASS Virtual Chapters, so if performance tuning is not your area then why not check the PASS website to see what other virtual chapters there are which can help you in your chosen career.

There are a myriad of chapters available to join (all for free), including:

As you can see, there should be something of interest for almost every SQL Server professional.

Hope to see your name on the attendee list


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