PASS Board of Directors Call for Nominations

, 2009-08-24

This is just a reminder that the call for nominations for the PASS Boards of Directors is open. The final date to submit a nomination is September 3rd, which is just over a week away, so there's not a whole lot of time left. However, if you're looking to give back to the community, then participating in the leadership of the Professional Association for SQL Server is certainly one way to do so. There are four slots on the board for the coming election and being part of the Board of Directors is certainly one way to give back to the community and help it grow.

And you will have an impact on the Board of Directors. I'm a chapter president (Midlands PASS Chapter) and members of the PASS board were instrumental in helping us get up and running and didn't hesitate to volunteer their time and advice to develop a small but neat user group. They also developed the regional mentor program, which has provided someone who is passionate about seeing local users groups in our region grow and develop. Also, looking at it from the volunteer side, I've been able to contribute to the community through opportunities developed by the board. So being part of the board means being able to help others in the community find a niche to contribute, be encouraged by your efforts and passion, and develop in their careers and their profession. If this is the kind of opportunity you're looking for, please consider submitting an application before the deadline.





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