OFF-TOPIC: God is Still Good, Even as We Mourn


Kimberly and I went to the high risk doctor's office this morning for the ultrasound. Unfortunately, they realized very quickly that both children had passed away. There was no heartbeat. They suspect Twin-to-Twin Transfusion syndrome. We are in mourning and have begun the procedures to ensure Kimberly's health. Support from friends, family, our church, and the SQL community has been awesome. Thank you all. I'll close on this:

A Path of Sorrow

In memoriam of our twins.

We've walked this path before, You and I,
Where my heart was shredded and in despair.
But I will proclaim to all who will hear,
"God is good, even in these times of pain."

I remember the past. I remember the agony.
I remember facing an ended future.
There was nothing I could do but suffer,
Except trust and lean on You by faith.

I had tried it my way and I had failed.
There was nothing I could do to overcome.
And then You held me up and soothed me.
You spoke loving words of grace and mercy.

You delivered a miracle and You healed me.
You did what the doctors could not explain.
You restored my future I knew was lost.
And You gave me a hope I'll never lose.

Nothing happens outside of Your control.
And I know that even as I mourn deeply,
You stand beside me with Your arms around me.
You are here in the midst of my pain.

So I will praise You with every breath.
I will proclaim Your greatness to all.
For I've walked this path with You before.
And I see You're beside me yet again.