Notes on the May 2018 SQLOrlando Meetup

, 2018-06-11

Late writing notes!

  • 55 registered, 28 attended. Not bad, and about on track for expected 50% drop. Really, 28 made for a good meeting.
  • Posted to meetup, one email out to the oPASS/MagicPASS list, so by design not doing a lot of extra messaging.
  • First meeting downtown, but strangely almost no one attending worked downtown!
  • Forgot to order vegan pizza, gotta remember for next time
  • Flow of networking time to session to short break to session to done worked pretty well
  • Logistics were a little off. Doors weren’t unlocked and we didnt have microphones, should be fixed next time
  • Everything went well, but I was most pleased with the networking time. We had a lot of good, slow, engaging conversations across 3 or 4 small groups of attendees.
  • Tagging extroverts only sorta worked
  • We had upcoming events and other stuff in the slide rotation during networking time, but I think not very noticed due to everyone gathering in the open area at the back of the room. Need to change something there next time.
  • Had about 10 hang out after the meeting, that was good too!

I’m starting to work on a Q3 meeting, probably in early August, and also a day of paid training for September that we should announce next week.





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