Notes From The February 2014 oPASS Meeting

Andy Warren, 2014-02-21

Live notes from the meeting.

  • Attendance is low tonight, about 10 people (though it was well advertised, I got quite a few reminders – a good thing)
  • Yesterday was Karla Landrum’s birthday!
  • Met two new people (one was a sponsor, that sort of counts)
  • Good coverage of upcoming events, would like to see more push on the upcoming Orlando Code Camp
  • Meeting sponsored by Tek Systems. Astoundingly I won the drawing for a $25 gift card. I think first time I’ve ever won (and to be fair, rare that my name was ever in the drawing)
  • Presentation tonight is “Build a mapping service and real-time interactive map” by Santosh Hari
  • Good intro to GIS very high level concepts
  • Big advantage of SQL Server is built-in ability to visualize maps
  • Bring the data into SQL whenever possible
  • 2008 is good enough, some improvements in 2012
  • Get slides for source for sample data and a loading tool
  • Google king of maps, but there are other sources (chart in slide that compares services, different reasons to pick each)
  • Topic thoughts:
    • GIS a very tough sell to the average DBA crowd – just doesn’t get used much. Maybe less than it should, but relatively rare compared to the rest.
    • I think the topic for tonight suffered from a topic/abstract that didn’t quite align to average attendee interests – but with a tweak or two I think it would have!Presentation notes:
    • Speakers, remember to figure out resolution and font size before the session starts. One big reason to fight for your 10 minutes to set up
  • Some presentation thoughts:
    • Always good to commit to sharing slides, but often attendees will take notes – remember that slides don’t entirely replace notes, you may have said something that triggered a thought only sort of related to the slide, an idea for work for example
    • I’m thinking there are times when two projectors would be useful – dual screens, one for slides and one for demo





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