New version of SQL Treeo SSMS productivity add-in was released



new, second version of SQL Treeo productivity add-in was released.

For little reminder, here are main features of this add-in:

  • Create custom folders in SSMS’s object explorer using drag&drop. It works for databases, stored procedures, functions, views and tables
  • Ctrl+click on object will bring ALTER script
  • Perform bulk operations in explorer-style management dialog – I did that because while I was refactoring and re-foldering more objects, drag&drop was not enough

See this full post or this short video to find how it works.

Since last version I worked especially on supporting all version of SSMS, fixing major bugs and on adding few more features. From outside view it seemed I worked with snail speed because first version of my add-in was release 3 month ago. Truth is that I develop this add-in only in my spare time which is very rare and that’s main reason why I am so slow :)

Here is humble change log:

  • SSMS 2005, 2005 Express, 2008, 2008 Express, 2008 R2, 2008 R2 Express and Denali versions are now supported – I didn’t do comprehensive testing of all versions but it “should” work.
  • Add-in caused exceptions when used for some unsupported folders (e.g. maintenance plans). It should be ok now.
  • Folder names are now case sensitive.
  • When Offline databases were present, add-in failed badly. Fixed.
  • Ctrl+Click didn’t work for triggers . Fixed.
  • Add-in didn’t handle apostrophes in names very well. Fixed.
  • “Collapse all folders” feature was added.
  • Dragging object from object explorer to opened window didn’t result in pasting text as usual. Fixed.
  • Support for non-English SSMS versions added.
  • Slight performance improvement. But SQL Treeo add-in is still meant to be either for local databases or for quick networks.

SQL Treeo add-in is here for download.

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