New KB Article on Remote Mirroring Support Requirements


Microsoft has published a new Knowledge Base article on the

requirements to receive support for what is known as remote mirroring.

Requirements for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000 to support remote mirroring of user databases

That's basically where you duplicate a database across sites using a

3rd party vendor solution. Looking over the KB article, it's pretty

much the same list we see for geographically dispersed Exchange

clusters. However, if you're considering mirroring a database across

sites and not using SQL Server 2005's mirroring technology, you'll want

to take a look at the article. Microsoft lists the requirements because

they are gotchas that can lead to data corruption. For instance, remote

mirroring solutions must provide (as per the article):

  • Your solution must maintain Dependent Write Consistency.
  • Your solution must avoid torn pages.
  • Your solution must produce an I/O consistent copy of your data at the secondary remote location.

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