New Book: SQL Backup and Recovery – DBA Highlight

Robert Pearl, 2012-11-07

SQLPass Summit 2012, the

world’s largest and most intensive technical training conference for Microsoft SQL

Server and BI professionals is in full swing. 

This is the ultimate conference that is planned and presented by the SQL

Server community for the SQL Server community. In that light, I want to make honorable

mention of two new SQL Server books out in time for PASS, by a rising star in

the SQL Server Community. 

A  truly dedicated growing SQL professional, who

travel around on the event circuit, and generously donating his time to sharing

their knowledge with other aspiring SQL professionals.  He totally gets what it means to be part of

the #sqlfamily, and deserves some mention here among those who are worthy

(IMHO) and on-track to earning the title of SQL MVP.

Today, I highlight

a new SQL Server book out in time for PASS, by SQL Server pro, Tim Radney (blog|twitter).

Tim is lead System DBA for a top 40 US held bank. He is also Chapter

leader for the Columbus, GA SQL Users Group, PASS Regional Mentor for Greater

South East US.

If you’re

looking for a great resource on Backup and Restore, then you need to check out

and get a great new book by my friend Tim Radney (blog|twitter), and a great addition to the  Joes2Pros Series, SQL Backup and Recovery Joes 2 Pros:

Techniques for Backing up and Restoring Databases in SQL Server.  As per Tim, “Backups and restores are the core foundation

of a DBA’s job”, and this reference will provide great help DBAs everywhere.

Available now on

Amazon, Tim’s book is one that all DBAs should have at their fingertips.

His book

based on his popular SQLSaturday presentation, “Know

Backups, Know Recovery”, will give you the knowledge you need for a backup

and restore strategy, essential to every DBA’s playbook.  I recently wrote about the need to Have

a Restore Plan, and emphasized that backups need to be regularly restored

and tested.

It makes me

glad to learn, that the inspirational birthplace of Tim’s book serendipitously

occurred at SQLSaturday

158 in NYC, back in August. Discussing the book on his blog, Tim tells us

that “It was during my presentation in New York City at SQL Saturday 158 that

Rick Morelan heard me speak and told me he thought my session would make a

great book.”  Indeed, and I was actually

in the middle of that conversation meeting up with both Rick and Tim.  I am also honored that Tim included me as one

of the folks in the Acknowledgement section.

The book is

valuable for DBAs at all levels, and certainly is a great jump-start to the “accidental

DBA” who is inheriting and managing small and large SQL Server database


Here is an excerpt describing the content: “As a database administrator there are

certain skills that we are expected know and know extremely well. Two of those

skills are making backups and performing restores. Backups and restores are the

core foundation of a DBA’s job. This book is designed to help the beginner and

mid-level DBA to get a strong understanding of the types of backups available

within SQL Server and how to restore each of those backups.

You can check

out Tim’s blog at

, and also he discussed his new book here:

If you are

currently attending PASS, please note that Tim will be on-site to sign your

copy. Wednesday night at the Idera Happy Hour at Fox Sports Grill and

another book signing on Friday at the Joes2Pros booth

during the second hour of lunch.

Let’s all

congratulate Tim on his new SQL book!


I will have another DBA higlight and book to introduce by another SQL Server Pro in the community soon.

In the meanwhile,I’m SQL Server MVP, Robert Pearl, and ask

you to follow me on twitter @Pearlknows, and keep watch for a very exciting campaign, no not the 2012

election – that’s finally over, but one that is designed to build awareness in the SQL Server

community to keep your servers humming…





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